Presenting… $SKULLympics 🩻 Enigmatic skellies emerge as vessels of timeless sports, a haunting tribute to the inaugural Olympic Games of 1896 in Athens, where ancient grandeur collided with modern digital fervor… So, we imagined how they would look like today… 💪 Collab by @TeraBitcoins and @SkullDegenClub_ 🏅 Special Rewards: Collect all 9 original $SKULLympic sports […]

Geometric shapes

🔊 NEW ART CHALLENGE! Theme “Geometric Shapes” 🔷️create art with topic 🔻mint and list your art 🟢 Q-post it in X, tag @cactus_boom and #CactusBoom , challenge 3 friends 🟨 come to space on Thursdays 🔲 follow team 🧵⬇️ 🔳 join discord 🧵⬇️ 🔘 have fun 🥰❤️ #NFTfam #NFT

Tezos Art and Creativity with Violet Bond

Join Varras and Alphi as they host a discussion with Violet Bond about their upcoming Solo Show in Paris! We’ll talk about the show, how she set it up, the process for art selection, and more! Feel free to send us questions via DM or comments on Twitter/X. X: X: X:

OPEN EDITION: Wallet Girls #562 TeraBitcoins

This artwork was created for TeraBitcoins with a built-in royalty of 10% to his wallet address. Buy any nft from the Wallet Girls collection, and Nataly will create a new Wallet Girl with a built-in royalty of 10% to YOUR tezos wallet address. Creator: NatalyBond

$SKULL Raffle #62 w/ Odilia

Dive into the darkness with just 50 $SKULL tokens per ticket for a chance to win the hauntingly beautiful “Shadowed Feline” NFT by Odilia Fenny. But that’s not all! The winner will also be eligible for a tangible masterpiece, the “Demon White Skull” by @suddenly_sudden in collaboration with Odilia and @BlackentheRed, a dark jewelry creation […]