LIVE auction on Discord

XLab2dA is happy to invite you to the 2nd Live Auction this Sunday of the art submitted for this event between June 6th to June 12th. Artists, we are waiting for your art! 👀 here Collectors, we are waiting for your bids at our discord

TezCon Seattle

Finally the time has come for #TezCon!!! This Saturday June 1st at the Seattle NFT Museum @seanftmuseum is gonna be a blast!!! 4 -7 pm PT The event will include: Art and Music with 27 screens hosting artworks of 300+ artists curated by artists, projects, and communities of #tezos! Live featured set by @YinYangYoeshi and […]


Presenting… $SKULLympics 🩻 Enigmatic skellies emerge as vessels of timeless sports, a haunting tribute to the inaugural Olympic Games of 1896 in Athens, where ancient grandeur collided with modern digital fervor… So, we imagined how they would look like today… 💪 Collab by @TeraBitcoins and @SkullDegenClub_ 🏅 Special Rewards: Collect all 9 original $SKULLympic sports […]

40 Hats 4 Royal Ascot

👒🏇 Embrace the Elegance and Exclusivity of Royal Ascot with EDiALFMA’s Exquisite Hand-Drawn #Tezos NFT Collection of 40 Capelines. 💎 1/1 artworks by: @EDiALFMA 🤝 10% Referral Bonus ♻️

Official Launch AMA

Join us as we open the doors to a new endeavor. This project being revealed is relevant to Artists and the Tezos/Etherlink communities. DATE: Saturday, May 25th TIME: 4:00pm PST // 11:00pm UTC LOCATION: X/Twitter Space via @madch0ps account SPACES LINK: There will be no snapshots, no mints, no token drops, and no purchases […]

TTC x @trilitech: AMA with @blockchainjeff

Join this Space on X hosted by PeterNirvana and RubisCO for a talk with Trilitech’s new Community Manager blockjainchjeff! Join this talk about his plans for the community and Trilitech. This is a community call, so feel free to request to speak as well! Set your reminder here. Places to stay up to date: X […]

Art Challenge Planet Earth

💥NEW ART CHALLENGE 💥 Theme “Planet Earth” dedicated to the international Day of Earth  1-14 March 🌎create art with topic 🌍mint and list your art  🌏Q-post it in X and tag #cactusboom @cactus_boom, tag and challenge 3 friends 🏝️come to space on Thursdays 🏞️follow team🧵 🏜️join discord and spatial🧵 🏖️ have fun🤩 🌱Check Eco collection […]

Tezos Lottery

We start new draw, but it will continue all February 🎰Tezos Lottery 🎰 Buy 1 or more lucky NFT tickets 🎫 Wait for a draw🎲 Receive your price🎁50% of sales are in a gift wallet Each ticket become a participant of Jack Pot draw🃏 Jack Pot target 100 tezos (XTZ) 💸 After sale of 100 […]

Dragon Art Challenge

💥NEW ART CHALLENGE 💥 Theme “Chinese Dragon”🐲 15-29 Feb 🐲 create art with topic 🐉mint and list your art 🖼️ 🐲Q-post it in X and tag #cactusboom @cactus_boom, tag and challenge 3 friends 🐉come to space on Thursdays 🦖follow team 🧵 🦕join discord 🧵 🎉 have fun 🤩 Artists that take part in our events […]

Metapals Exclusive Drop Giveaway

Get your limited edition Dark Matter Dragon Onesie exclusively for the #Tezos community! 1. Follow @MetaPals @tezos and @TzApac. on X (Twitter). 2. Retweet the post: 3. Tag 2 friends! Adopt a pal now and snag the exclusive Dark Matter Dragon Onesie, specially crafted for Lunar New Year! Don’t miss out – join the excitement […]