$SKULL Raffle #69 w/ @PapaBeardedNFTs

Just 50 $SKULL for a ticket, and you can max out with 3 entries per person. Winner picked Wed, Feb 7th 7:30 PM CST. Join @SkullDegenClub_ ‘s Discord now!

$SKULL 4 Raffle #68 w/ Krush

We’ve got one edition of “Le fan d’ailuros” by Krush up for grabs. It’s a badass 3D animation you can interact with! 50 $SKULL tokens per ticket, with a max of three tickets per person.

$SKULL Raffle #66 w/ skllzrmy

Dive into the Abyss with ‘Gaze of The Great Old One’ in the latest $SKULL 4 Raffle! Unleash the cosmic horror and secure your chance to own this animated masterpiece. Join the Discord, sacrifice your 50 $SKULL tokens, and embrace the eldritch journey. Good luck!

$SKULL 4 Raffle #65 w/ Yoeshi Labs

Welcome 2024 with a bang in $SKULL style! Introducing ‘New Years Party‘ by @YoeshiLabs – a dazzling 1/1 NFT created with Kaiber AI, Pixelmator Pro, and Stable Diffusion v1.6. Join $SKULL 4 Raffle #65 now! Entry is just 50 $SKULL tokens, and guess what? For the first time, you can snag up to three entries […]

$SKULL Raffle #64 w/ Skllzrmy

‘Midnight Waltz‘ by @skllzrmy.tez This 1/1 masterpiece captures the ethereal dance of skeletal figures beneath the moonlit sky, a celebration of life’s eternal rhythm. Entry Fee: 50 $SKULL tokens Drawing on January 1, 2024 7:00 AM CST

$SKULL 4 Raffle #63 w/ El Gomorsio

💀 $SKULL 4 Raffle Event #63 is LIVE! 🔥 Own the darkness with “SkullSmoke” by the uber-talented @elgomorisoart 💰 Entry Fee: 50 $SKULL tokens 🎟️ One entry per soul 📅 Winner Revealed: Thursday, December 21st, 7 PM CST Join our Discord event and let the fates decide! 🔮🎲

$SKULL Raffle #62 w/ Odilia

Dive into the darkness with just 50 $SKULL tokens per ticket for a chance to win the hauntingly beautiful “Shadowed Feline” NFT by Odilia Fenny. But that’s not all! The winner will also be eligible for a tangible masterpiece, the “Demon White Skull” by @suddenly_sudden in collaboration with Odilia and @BlackentheRed, a dark jewelry creation […]