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  • Date: May 05 - 20 2024
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May 06 - 21 2024


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Looking for the friendliest person on Tezos

“Bone and Bond” represents a strong connections and friendships within Skullarship community. It emphasizes the idea of building lasting relationships and a sense of unity. The use of “bone” symbolizes strength and resilience, while “bond” represents the close ties and camaraderie that are fostered through shared experiences and interactions within the community. “Bone and Bond” embodies the spirit of collaboration, support, and mutual respect among members of the Skullarship community.

Through this ‘Bone and Bond’ campaign, Skullarship invites all Tezonians to nominate the friendliest person on Tezos by mention one friend in the reply of this X/Twitter post. The Most mentioned person gets minting cashback (2.1 tez) for Skullarship NFT. Plus, one lucky retweeter/replier also wins the same cashback!


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