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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jan 22 2024
  • Time: All Day
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Jan 22 2024


All Day

TheEYE Collection Weekly Raffles 3/19

TheEYE Collection is created for a special objective which to make two powerful communities, Tezos the best chain of NFT world and DeHub Decentralized Entertainment Hub meet each other. This is completely my own objective because of loving both of them.

111 unique pieces & a Special Edition already minted in the Collection. There will be weekly raffles on and 6 pieces will be dropped every Monday over 18 weeks. Last 3 pieces at 19th week.

3rd week raffles TheEYE #013 #014 #015 #016 #017 #018

TheEYE Collection holders will be airdropped with an ∆EO PASS interactive 3D NFT when TheEYE Collection deployment completed. Airdrop will be on per NFT basis not per wallet.


An exclusive NFT that can be used on DeHub Streaming app as a PASS Card for ThaiLaunt© & TLT Production© exclusive contents.


Decentralized Entertainment Hub is a new kind of blockchain technology based, multi-chain supporting entertainment hub that mainly operates on ETH chain.

You can visit my profile on

Much love to both Tezos & DeHub Communities ❤️