TTC x @trilitech: AMA with @blockchainjeff

Join this Space on X hosted by PeterNirvana and RubisCO for a talk with Trilitech’s new Community Manager blockjainchjeff! Join this talk about his plans for the community and Trilitech. This is a community call, so feel free to request to speak as well! Set your reminder here. Places to stay up to date: X […]

Tuesday Tezday #68 – Tezos Community Call

Tezos Community Call 68

Join us for the biweekly Tezos Community Call by Tezos Commons on X/Twitter.   A get-together of Tezonians discussing all about Tezos! Come say hi, ask questions, share what you have been doing in the Tezos ecosystem, or tune in to simply listen to Tezos-related discussions!    

Art, Data, and Creativity on Tezos

Join Varras and Alphi for a discussion on Art processes, techniques, history, and what we’d like to see next in the Tezos Art Space. There may even be some guest speakers and a free NFT giveaway! Feel free to send us questions via DM or comments on Twitter/X. X: X: