4/20 Meme Contest – @tezospole at @dns

4/20 Meme Contest by TezosPole at DNS! Unleash your inner meme-master and head over to the brand new and simply post your 420-inspired meme in the mix using the hashtag #420pepole and let the laughs roll in. But hey, no need to rush—we’re accepting submissions for the 5 days, so take your time to chill […]

CTRL-ALT+REVOLT // Pre Party Space

Excited for the CTRL-ALT+REVOLT event tomorrow? Want to know more about it? Then join the $pole + Here&Now Pre-Party Spaces today for some updates and a lot of fun!


Do you want to see your art exhibited at CTRL+ALT+REVOLT event? Want to join $POLE in the quest for freedom and self-expression? Then you have until February 18th to submit your artwork at $POLE’s Joyn OPEN CALL! · Submit the artwork in the Open Call with the theme of “Rebellion”. · Artwork must be an […]


CTRL+ALT+REVOLT, the first event organized between $POLE and Here and Now, will take place 24th February 2024 on a virtual space on @oncyber. A showcase of artistic expression using blockchain technology, reclaiming ownership of our stories while we challenge normativity. A statement that highlights art as a weapon for expressing dissent and nonconformity, with an […]

@tzRaflles x @tezospole Free Poker Game

Join the Monday fun at tzRaffles! Let’s play poker and win $POLE! Pole is sponsoring tzRaffles‘ game with 100 M $Pole, so don’t miss out! Game starts at 19 UTC and it’s free to the whole community. The link to the tournament will be shared at tzRaffles discord 1 hours before the game. Good luck!

$POLE Vending Machine Extravaganza

It’s almost time for The $POLE Vending Machine Event! Qualifying Poleders get (1) free pull filled with works from a variety of artists on #Tezos! Snapshot on Dec 30th, machine goes live on Dec 31st. Head to our Discord for more info and to join the holiday magic!

$POLE Logo Contest

$POLE is looking for an official icon for use in the official public recognition! Calling all artists & $POLE enthusiasts to submit their icon at Joyn or at X with the hashtag #TezPoleLogo! Use the Joyn link for the ability to tally and collectively see the works submitted. Prize: 420690000 $POLE For more information: Discord: […]