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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Feb 24 2024
  • Time: All Day


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Feb 24 2024


All Day


CTRL+ALT+REVOLT, the first event organized between $POLE and Here and Now, will take place 24th February 2024 on a virtual space on @oncyber.

A showcase of artistic expression using blockchain technology, reclaiming ownership of our stories while we challenge normativity. A statement that highlights art as a weapon for expressing dissent and nonconformity, with an immense potential to reshape our world.

This, and the many events to come will lay on the principle of artistic empowerment and will serve as a platform for dialogue and action. We’ll amplify their voice – even if dissenting- to educate, inspire reflection, and spark change.

We’ll be glad to be with you in our quest for freedom and self-expression. We want to defy the expectations together, charting a path forward fueled by creativity, solidarity, and a strong belief in a brighter future for digital art.

Get ready for panel discussions, exclusive drops, live acts, plenty of awesome art and a fantastic time.

Want your art exhibited during CTRL+ALT+REVOLT?
Submit your artwork to our Join Open Call following the requirements stated on the page. Artworks will be selected by reputable members of our community (Peter/NirvanaTheTezosCommunity, Cryptking, Beets Here and Now) and community voting.