Metapals Exclusive Drop Giveaway

Get your limited edition Dark Matter Dragon Onesie exclusively for the #Tezos community! 1. Follow @MetaPals @tezos and @TzApac. on X (Twitter). 2. Retweet the post: 3. Tag 2 friends! Adopt a pal now and snag the exclusive Dark Matter Dragon Onesie, specially crafted for Lunar New Year! Don’t miss out – join the excitement […]

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day – show your everyday NFTs X Space with CactusBoom – Sale or Burn!!! Show your Last Editions Giveaway of Three Lottery Tickets Announcement of a New Topic

Rumble Royale at TTC

Enter a round of Rumble Royale in the Discord of TTC, have some fun with strange deaths and with the chance to win a prize! Places to stay up to date with TTC: X: Discord: Homepage:

Mint a Witchez and/or DW Demonz and win!

Mint a Witchez and/or Demonz and enter a super raffle where everyone will win something, and the prize pool is worth over 150 tez! Top Prizes include: The Skulker, by Des Lucrece Witch #616 – w/Octopus familiar The Witch, by Erica Linhares Places to stay up to date: Website Witchez (Mint): Website Demonz (MInt): […]