Monthly raffle for holders of the EXE TEE ZET signature PFP

GM frens! A new month brings a new raffle for holders of my signature PFP. Snapshot: May 13th at 07:00 UTC+7 Announcement: May 13th at 19:00 UTC+7 Get ready for the fun! P.S. Please check my latest post on Twitter (X) for the updated prize and the announcement link.

Heroz of Tezos PFP Official Launch

Oxford 2 has happened but how about the good people of Tezos? Heroz of Tezos tells the tale of extraordinary citizens of Tezos transformed into superpowered beings, literally powered by Tezos. Each character has a story to tell that was inspired by real-life Tezonians.

ChainBorn’s St. Nicholas Rumble – A Special

Hey Heroes! We hope your boots are cleaned – we have a surprise for ya! The “St. Nicholas Rumble”! Slots: 8 Entry: 1 xtz Items allowed: yes Health/Strength combined: 250 Prizes: 12.6 xtz + Corsair Cap + Potion 100 Corsair Cap + Potion 100 75 $LEG + Potion 100 Stay up to date here: X […]