#tez4pal Palestine Fundraiser Minting Event

A community minting event and fundraiser in support of INARA‘s efforts to provide aid to Palestinian Civilians. Minting period begins January 20, 2024 and runs one month until Feb 20, 2024. Remember to use the hashtag #tez4pal when minting and sharing on socials! More details, updates and suggestions can be found on the Art4Pal account […]

TezMas 2023

The #Tezmas23 contest encourages artists to create NFTs inspired by the Parol. A total of $1600 worth of tez will be given as rewards. TezMas 2023 Theme: Parol This season, the focus is on the iconic Filipino Christmas decoration — the Parol, also known as the Christmas Lantern. Shaped like a star, this adornment shines […]