4/20 Meme Contest – @tezospole at @dns

4/20 Meme Contest by TezosPole at DNS! Unleash your inner meme-master and head over to the brand new and simply post your 420-inspired meme in the mix using the hashtag #420pepole and let the laughs roll in. But hey, no need to rush—we’re accepting submissions for the 5 days, so take your time to chill […] Launch on #Tezos – @dns Spaces

DNS is introducing a next generation creator platform. It’s the most advanced decentralized app ever made, combining media players, social networking, and creator sales tools. Join us for our launch spaces on 4.20.24.

TTC x DNS: Ama with Shokunin from DNS

Join this Space on X hosted by NirvanaPissandro and RubisCO and a discussion about DNS and what they have done! This is a community call, so feel free to request to speak as well! Set your reminder here: Places to stay up to date: X: Discord: Homepage: