Maven Monday | Ep 1 | Intro to Maven

Do you have questions about Maven Finance? Then join us for our first ever Twitter Space, where Alex Davis & Theo Wayne will be going over the dapp and answering all your questions! 🥳 Set your reminders here!

Tezos Domains DAO P-004: Baker Delegation Change

Current baker (HappyTezos) is closing down towards the end of the year 2023. Another baker must be picked in order to continue receiving the delegation rewards. If you are delegating your voting power to TTC, you can cast your vote intention here 🗳️

Tezos Domains DAO P-005: Funding Maintenance of Tezos Domains for 2024

This proposal provides funding for maintaining and operating the Tezos Domains project for the core team for 2024 without any new significant features. The core team behind Tezos Domains is respectfully requesting funding to cover the necessary expenses for 2024 per Article II of the Tezos Domains DAO constitution. If you are delegating your […]

TTC x Primate – let’s talk about DAO & Governance

Join this Space on X hosted by NirvanaPissandro and RubisCO for a talk with Primate about DAO & Governance! This is a community call, so feel free to request to speak as well! Set your reminder here: Places to stay up to date: X: Discord: Homepage:

Claim period of the Teia DAO token

By owning TEIA tokens, you are part of the Teia DAO LLC and eligible to put forward and vote on DAO proposals for Teia. Teia DAO tokens, (or “TEIA tokens”) are specifically designed and intended for governance purposes within the Teia DAO ecosystem. If your Tezos wallet satisfies the conditions laid out in the token […]