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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 20 - 30 2024
  • Time: 16:30 - 16:30
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Jun 20 - 30 2024


20:30 - 20:30

Battle Royale with @chainborngame

Battle Royale with ChainBorn!

It’s finally time to bring you alllll the news regarding the Battle Royale event!

The event will start on June 20th, 20:30 UTC and it will start with a Live Stream!
Our very own Rick Kitagawa will be our commentator again and we’re looking forward to see as many as possible on the live battle grounds!
But don’t worry: it’s not mandatory to join the live stream in order to participate in the event. This shall be just a lil extra fun!

And here are all the details to the event:

Start Date: June 20th
Start Time: 20:30 UTC
Live Stream: 20:30 UTC on Twitch with Rick Kitagawa as commentator
Sign up: -> until June 20th, 17:30 UTC
How: Everyone fights against everyone and the one with the most wins at the end wins! We’ll establish a fighting order before the event starts and y’all can do the fights whenever they fit into your schedule.
End of the Event: June 30th, 20:30 UTC at latest

We’ll have 3 levels for the battles:
> Beginner – max 150xp, Potions allowed
> Medium – max 300xp, Equipment & Potions allowed
> Hero – max 600xp, Equipment & Potions allowed

-> You can participate with 1 Hero per level.

Prizes Hero Level (max 600xp):
🥇 Energy Tezos Skin, Potion 200, 333 $LEG
🥈 Sturdy Raf Cloth, Potion 150, 222 $LEG
🥉 Axe of the Ram, Potion 100, 111 $LEG

Prizes Medium Level (max 300xp):
🥇 Raf Cloth, Potion 200, 333 $LEG
🥈 Spear, Potion 150, 222 $LEG
🥉 Viking Cap, Potion 100, 111 $LEG

Prizes Beginner Level (max 150xp):
🥇 Scimitar, Potion 200, 333 $LEG
🥈 Corsair Cap, Potion 150, 222 $LEG
🥉 Dummeh #1657, Potion 100, 111 $LEG

We’re absolutely thrilled and look forward to some amazing battles!

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